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About Järki


    The Finnish name of the project stands for Sensible enhancement of water protection and biodiversity in agriculture.

    Järki is a cooperation project between The Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea and The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland. The project started in January 2009.

    The project is funded among others by Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to promote Finnish agriculture and industry and support social and cultural activities in Finland. It was founded by Göran Ehrnrooth and Louise Ehrnrooth.

    From the beginning of year 2011 the project is also funded by Sophie von Julin Foundation which has made it possible to bring in an environmental advisor to work in the Uusimaa region. In 2012 also The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Ministry of Environment started to finance Järki-project.

    The project focuses on agri-environmental issues, i.e. water protection, biodiversity and connected recreational use in Finland. Numerous measures can be taken in agriculture to improve these three issues. According to studies the efforts to improve water quality and biodiversity have been so far insufficient.

    Järki-project aims to solve problems that are acting as barriers for these measures to be put into practice in the farm level. This varies from solving practical issues to proposed changes to the agri-enviromental scheme.

    The project starts at the grass root level; advisors visit farms to help find suitable solutions. Experience and knowledge gained at the grass root level is then brought to decision makers so that farmers can have a better working and more appealing agri-environmental programme in the future. Järki was involved with the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 preparation work groups.

    Järki-project operates on the whole Baltic Sea catchment area in Finland, but is most active in Southern Finland and especially in the Varsinais-Suomi and Uusimaa regions.

    Project manager Eija Hagelbeg works closely with the experts from Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea and Nature and Game Management Trust. Project coordinator Kaisa Riiko leads a project focusing on nutrient recycling of manure in the Archipelago Sea catchment area.

    The project steering group meets a few times a year and supports the project workers.

    The agri-environmental measures proven to function well in the project are promoted to other Baltic Sea countries where the experience and knowledge can be improved.

    Steering group:

    Ilkka Herlin, BSAG (chairman)
    Fredrik von Limburg Stirum, The Nature and Game Management Trust Finland (vice chairman)
    Kimmo Tiilikainen, Member of the Finnish Parliament
    Jarmo Vaittinen, earlier in Finnish Ministry of Agirulture and Forestry
    Lauri Kontro, Maaseudun tulevaisuus
    Georg Ehrnrooth, Louise & Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation
    Markku Ollikainen, University of Helsinki
    Markku Puustinen, SYKE – Finnish Environment Institute
    Juha Helenius, University of Helsinki
    Jyrki Aakkula, MTT Agrifood Research Finland
    Sami Kurki, University of Helsinki
    Michael Hornborg, farmer
    Juha Hillebrandt, Pro Agria
    Liisa Pietola, MTK
    Veli-Markus Tapio, The Finnish Cultural Foundation


    Louise and Göran Ehrnrooth Foundation
    Sophie von Julin Foundation
    The Finnish Cultural Foundation
    Ministry of Environment
    MTK Foundation
    Rural Development Program 2014-20


    For more information:

    Project manager Eija Hagelberg tel. +358 500 609 526  eija.hagelberg (at)