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Sustainable agriculture as the goal

    There has been much discussion about the Baltic Sea during last years. The situation is starting to get out of control and it is hard to know what is true and what is not. Numerous studies present different results and views and getting the whole picture is nearly impossible.

    Biodiversity is another hot topic for discussion but studies however show that biodiversity in agricultural environments is still declining. At the same time climate change, population growth, depletion of natural resources (e.g. phosphorus), grain prices and other global questions are affecting Finnish agriculture. Stricter environmental regulations pose challenges to farmers on a practical level.

    The goal of Järki project is to promote measures for water protection and biodiversity in agricultural environments – and to also promote connected recreational use. When acting in a sustainable way agri-environmental measures often improve all three. Expressions such as sustainable agriculture and agriculture producing ecosystem services can be used.

    Järki project focuses especially on recycling of nutrients and agri-environmental measures with multiple benefits. During the project the bigger picture of agricultural production in Finland is also considered.

    To tackle this very complicated issue this website divides these agri-environmental questions into sections: basic information about agricultural environments, target groups and measures to achieve better results. Each section describes current situation, the goals and a to do -list.